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Dear Jacqui,

I am very thankful to you for treating my severe acne problems. I had been suffering from this for over ten years. I had tried everything and wasted lots of money. I had to go through lots of drug based treatments which created other health problems and nothing was helping me. The day you started my treatment which was drug free, I started feeling more confidant and in six months my acne was gone.You really helped me in getting rid of this problem. I am going to keep up the diet routine you have suggested. Wishing you all the best foryour work and I wish others who haven't met you yet can also be helped. Keep your good work up,

Many thanks,
- N.K.

Dear Jacqui,

When I called your office in Brisbane from my home in rural Australia I was quite distressed with my situation. My local GP had diagnosed the condition on my scalp as psoriasis two months earlier and dismissed it with the comment of "it's not bad enough yet". The psoriasis then marched like a bushfire down my back at a pace that was alarming and then started appearing on my legs. I was told it was incurable but given nothing but an information sheet. Two months on from our first telephone consultation, I am delighted to advise that the condition is down to less than 5% of what it was and I cannot thank you enough. Your caring and thoroughly professional manner, along with your very kind support staff made this emabrressing and seemingly hopeless situation much easier to deal with. you gave me great confidence in being able to achieve the remission that I am on the very brink of. I live in a country area so doing the consultations by phone worked perfectly and I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to contact you regardless of location. You have my highest recommendation as a competent, caring health professional. Thank you again,

Best wishes,
- Lesley

I developed psoriasis on my scalp after undergoing chemotherapy and losing all my hair. I am extremely grateful that I came across Jacqui Gaibor at the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic. Jacqui in her no nonsense manner quickly assessed my condition and prescribed a course of treatment for me. Within two weeks there was a vast improvement, two weeks later it was completely gone.

I was so impressed that I sent my husband to Jacqui to see if she could do anything about his ongoing battle with rosacea. Once again, within two weeks there was a vast improvement and now he is no longer on a permananet course of antibiotics and is much happier within himself.

I continue to recommend Jacqui and her treatment to people on a regular basis and strongly urge anyone to seek out her advice if they suffer from any skin conditions as she can definitely help! Thank you Jacqui!

- A.D. - Brisbane


I wanted to express my sincere thanks to your practice, i am a psoriasis sufferer and have been since the age of 16, the emotions that this condition made me feel was one of embarrassment, self conciousness, and at times very depressed. Many professionals and numerous books told me that there was no cure, i read a small article in the sunday mail 4 years ago about managing psoriasis, i typically thought well here we go again. so i called your practice and booked my appointment.

I had just come out of a bad relationship at the time and thought well this is my time now to fix this, i made a simple phone call to your capalaba office and booked an appointment with Daniel. i was very nervous and i must admit scepticle, he gave me hope and did not promise any miracles, i followed his instructions and within 2 months there was a vast difference to my skin and my spirits.

I am now in my 3rd year of what i believe to be remission and i want you to know how that feels coming from a sufferer, whilst having this condition i was always the one with my shirt on at the beach and way to embarrassed to change in front of anyone and even having to explain to a new partner that i was not some sort of leppar.

Jacqui i have spent most of my treatment time with you and i want you to know how better my life is. I can do one thing now that i never could and that is taking my shirt off at the beach and feel freedom, this is a feeling I thought I would never feel. Thankyou is a word often used for simple things like thanking someone for handing me a drink so i feel that saying thankyou to you is no where near enough.

I would love to tell all sufferers that this is so easy to fix , there is no need to feel the pain of this condition all they need to know is your phone number. Again jacqui i thank you from the bottom of my heart and you have allowed me to live a very normal and happy life. I look forward in consulting with you for my happy visits.

Thanks and thanks again
J.A - Brisbane

* DISCLAIMER: Please note that results may vary from person to person