Practitioner Bio

Jacqui Gaibor holds a Bachelor Degree of Medical Science, Masters Degree of Chiropractic and Diplomas in Nutritional and Botanical Medicine.

Clinic director, Jacqui Gaibor, (B.Med.Sc.,M.Chir.,Dip.Nutr.,Dip.Bot.Med.)

As part of her commitment to providing the best evidence-based complementary medicine techniques and therapeutics to the management of your specific skin condition, Jacqui routinely reviews and updates treatment protocols and participates in ongoing education in the field of complementary dermatology. In 2018, she returned to university to further her studies in nutrition and dietetics and has reduced her consultation hours to a part-time level as a consequence. Jacqui maintains regular contact with Dr Michael Tirant, PhD., from the Melbourne Psoriasis & Eczema Clinic, who is the product developer of the Seloderma and Dr. Michael's range of nutritional and topical products.

Says Jacqui….It’s very gratifying to assist someone achieve long term control over a chronic skin condition and to get that result through the use of targeted natural medicines and non-drug based topical preparations. I am dedicated to providing the highest level of professional care to all my clients and have had the priviledge of assisting thousands of people since 2004.